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Interior Design

Not all designers are created equal.  At De Anza Interior, our designers are always held up to the highest international standards.  It is of utmost priority that our designers are not only well versed in design, but also well trained in the other aspects of design such as tuning in to what clients really want, controlling budgets, keeping in line with structural elements, creating
practical working spaces, and just staying on top and in control of the millions of other little details that goes on in any given project.

Let's face it. Interior Design is a really complicated subject.  It is as much art as it is science.  And finding a balance between the
two takes a lot of skills and experience.  Our designers work hard to maximize every square feet and every dollar while making sure
your home will be the talk of town.

From creating the ultimate kitchen of your dreams to creating the ultimate mansion of your dreams, De Anza Interior can help you realize your dreams.  Call or E-mail us to inquire about our Interior Design Services and to view our extensive portfolio.


-Home Office
-Living Room

-Dining Room

-Entertainment Center
-Window coverings

-Color Scheme​


-Floor Plans
-Electrical Plan
-Whole House Conceptual




-Project Management


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